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Will an apprenticeship help me get a career in energy?

If you are considering a career in energy when you leave school you might be wondering what route is best to get you there? If you don’t feel like university is right for you, don’t worry there are plenty of options to help you land your dream career. One of these is an apprenticeship.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an opportunity to earn money while you learn, work alongside some of the best in the industry, and gain globally-recognised qualifications.

What can I do an apprenticeship in? 

There are so many different apprenticeship options available today, that are relevant to the energy industry. Some of these are; Oil and Gas, Engineering, Business, Construction, Digital, Creative and Design and Transport and Logistics. To get an idea of what jobs you could do within these areas visit our Energy Careers page.

Why should I do an apprenticeship?

When doing an apprenticeship you’d be treated like any other employee, you’ll be paid fairly whilst working towards your qualification. Not only will you learn your trade inside out but you’ll also learn other key skills such as team working, decision making, problem solving and communication. These skills combined with years of on the job training will make it easier when you’ve finished your apprenticeship to transition into a full-time position. If you are a hands-on learner then an apprenticeship is definitely for you. 

Where can I find apprenticeships? 

We’ve pulled together a list of organisations that can help you find the right apprenticeship:

For more information about a career in the energy sector visit our Energy Careers page.