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Listen up, Level up

Learn why the world needs YOUR energy


Young people are already shaking up the energy industry. And if we’re going to rise to the challenge of providing sustainable power to the world in the future, they’re going to need more disrupters just like you to join them.

The world needs energy. The world needs YOUR energy. From designing new low-emission power sources to repairing wind farm turbines, there’s a huge range of exciting career opportunities in the energy industry.

So where to start? Why not meet some of our Energy Influencers – young people starting out in the energy industry. Hear what they think about the future of energy, and ask yourself how you could help shape what that future looks like.

Meet our Energy Influencers

Hear from young people shaping the future of energy

Lorna Bennet

Bringing technology innovation into renewables


Rodrigo Oropeza

Tackling the challenge of global climate change


Kristy Moir

Finding solutions to the latest energy challenges


Catriona Knott

Helping communities harness renewable energy


Scott Strachan

Building a resilient energy mix for the future


Deirdree Polak

Harnessing data to drive the energy transition


Guilherme Castro

Ensuring solar is part of the energy transition


Emma Farquharson

Finding the right people to work on the right problems


Scott Milligan

Always asking questions


Maryam Sebzali

Helping to shape the future energy sector


Jim Rijks

Harnessing new technology to tackle climate change


Emma Farquharson

Coming across new and interesting scopes of work


Scott Milligan

Every career journey is different


Maryam Sebzali

Collaborating and communicating in the workplace


Jim Rijks

Embracing the energy transition


Maryam Sebzali

Pursuing a passion for STEM


Become an Energy Influencer

We want to hear from new voices

If you’re a young professional working in the energy sector and you’re enthusiastic about engaging with students about the future of energy, then we want you to join our Energy Influencers!  

We’re interested in giving young people a behind the scenes glimpse of the life of engineers, scientists, managers and technicians. We want to showcase the whole energy mix from oil and gas through to wind, nuclear and hydrogen, and other areas such as carbon capture, refining, digital, technology, finance and government. We want students to hear from a diverse group of people with a wide range of learning experiences.

If you’re willing to  volunteer your time to encourage others to think about the energy sector in a new light, share your stories and tell young people about the relevant subjects and transferable skills that they’ll need to succeed then you could be the Energy Influencer we’re looking for!