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What school subjects should I pick if I want to work in energy?

Are you are considering a career in the energy sector when you leave school? You might be wondering what school subjects would help make this possible? To help you make your decision we’ve broken down the core school subjects and how they might relate to energy careers, some might surprise you. 



We all know that maths is an important subject at school. A strong foundation in maths would definitely help you get a job in the energy industry in roles such as; Data Scientist, Maths and Science Instructor or Accountant. Even if you are looking to work in the operations or communications side of the energy industry, maths is definitely a useful skill to have.   



You might be asking yourself how learning about books and poems could help you get a career in the energy industry. English is a core subject in all schools and it’s very important to help you with your future career. Not only are you learning key communication skills but A level/Higher English is a requirement for most universities. You may use these skills in jobs such as; Communications Coordinator, Technical Sales Engineer or even Environmental Advisor.



Studying sciences at school such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology are great to help you get a career in the energy industry. There are so many scientific based jobs in the sector that requires the skills you’ll be learning in these subjects. Jobs can include; Chemist, Nuclear Physicist and Chemical Engineer



Understanding how business works and how to manage a business or team is important. When learning business in school you learn key skills such as decision making, problem-solving and team working. Studying business could help you in jobs such as; Control Room Operator, Logistics Controller and Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up Managers.



Geography is more than just knowing where countries are on the map. You learn about the atmosphere, surveying, rocks and geo formations, the environment and also energy. This can definitely help you get a career in jobs such as; Offshore Ornithologist, Wind Farm Manager or Metocean Analyst.


Art and Design

You might think Art and Design have nothing to do with energy but actually, the industry needs more creatively minded people if we are going to reach our targets for Net Zero by 2050. Art and Design builds the foundations for engineering and designs such as Wind Turbines. Some jobs you could do with this subject are; Design Engineer, 3D Printing Technician and Carbon Reduction Manager.



With the energy industry starting to adopt new technologies there is no limit to what you can do with basic computing skills such as coding. Some jobs where you could apply these skills are; IT Technician, Virtual Reality Specialist and Clean Technology Analyst.


Physical Education

How can running and sports help me work in energy? For some energy roles, it’s important to be physically active to be able to meet the demands of the role and Physical Education can help with this. Roles that are more physically demanding are; Helicopter Pilot, Crane Operator and Offshore Drilling Operator.

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