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What is an energy career?

The energy industry is changing fast and contributing £26 billion to Britain’s economy. With the rise of renewable energy, there are more opportunities being made each year. By the time today’s youth join the workforce there will be a vast number of new job roles and career paths. 

What are today’s energy careers? 

There are many exciting areas that you can currently work in within the energy sector.

Environmental, Health, and Safety

One career path you may take is working within Environment, Health, and Safety. This includes these types of jobs; Carbon Capture and Storage Expert, Carbon Reduction Manager, Clean Technology Analyst, Environmental Advisor, Health & Safety Manager, Offshore Ornithologist, and Water Treatment Manager.

Planning and Operations

Another possible career path in today’s energy sector is Planning and Operations. Are you the planner of your friend group? Do you love lists and binders? Then some of these jobs may be for you; Control Room Operator, Crane Operator, Hydrogen Plant Operator, Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear Process Operator, Offshore Drilling Operator, and Wind Farm Manager.

Logistics and Support Services

It takes teams of highly skilled people to help run the businesses in the energy sector. Some possible careers within the Logistics and Support Services area are; Accountant, Communications Coordinator, Helicopter Pilot, IT Technician, Logistics Controller, and Technical Sales Engineer.

Infrastructure Management 

Infrastructure management is an interesting career area within the energy sector. Typical jobs in this area include; Construction Supervisor, Decommissioning Engineer, Diver, Instrument Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, Nuclear Operations Support Worker, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start-up Manager, ROV Pilot, Welder and Wind Prevention Maintenance Technician.

Engineering, Design, and Construction

If you are a problem solver and love coming up with solutions to tricky problems then you may be interested in an Engineering, Design, or Construction career. Jobs within this area include; 3D Printing Technician, Chemical Engineer, Design Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Fuel Cell Engineer, Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Process Engineer, Subsea Engineer, and Virtual Reality Specialist.

Science, Data, and Analytics

Science, data, and analytical careers have become increasingly more important within the energy industry. Some career options within this field include; Chemist, Data Scientist, Geophysicist, Geoscience Data Analyst, Maths and Science Instructor, Metocean Analyst, Nuclear Physicist, Petroleum Geologist, Wind Energy Analyst.

All of these areas are worth exploring when trying to figure out what career path you could take within the energy industry. Although these are currently the options, the industry is changing so quickly that there will be different job roles in the future. 

Energy careers in the future

There’s a revolution happening in the energy sector right now. New technologies are creating exciting new career opportunities. Across the world, young people are exploring new developments in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation.

By 2025, we estimate that there’ll be 4,500 people employed in new roles that don’t even exist today. Could you be one of them?

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