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I’m passionate about climate change, does working in the energy sector mean I don’t care?

If you are considering a career in energy when you leave school, you might think that working for an energy company is counteractive to your views, however, that’s not the case. You can be passionate about climate action and work for an energy company (even within oil and gas). Changemakers like you are exactly what the industry needs to help come up with innovative solutions to reach net-zero by 2050


We are at a pivotal moment in time where our actions now will affect our future, and what better way to make a difference than to work amongst the companies that need to change. The world needs you and your energy to come up with innovative ideas and pave the way for the generations to come. 


The energy industry is changing and companies are focusing on a greener future through things such as renewable energy, carbon capture and creating a more sustainable low carbon energy mix. New technologies are creating exciting new career opportunities. Across the world, young people are exploring new developments in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence and digital transformation.


By 2025, we estimate that there’ll be 4,500 new people employed in roles that don’t even exist today. This is creating an excellent opportunity for you to create your own future. Who knows you could become the Global Green Ambassador for a large oil company and influence change on a global scale. 


You can work in the energy sector and still be passionate about climate, your views matter and could really bring positive change to the future of energy. 


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