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£1.7bn renewable energy project planned for Swansea's waterfront

A third proposal has been submitted by DST Innovations to develop a tidal lagoon and floating solar panels in Swansea Bay. This scheme called Blue Eden would also include a battery factory and data centre run on renewable energy. 


The project starting in 2023 would be developed in three phases over twelve years creating around 1000 jobs making high tech batteries for energy storage. The large data centre, powered by an uninterruptable source of renewable energy would be a first for the UK. 5000 new eco-homes would also be heated by the heat generated computer servers. As well as a tidal lagoon and floating solar panels, there would also be an oceanic and climate change research centre alongside 150 floating houses. In the long run, this project hopes to support 16,000 jobs in Swansea. 


The leader of Swansea council Rob Stewart said “I'm delighted that an international consortium led by a Welsh company has developed our Dragon Energy Island vision into a ground-breaking project that delivers so many benefits and builds on the council's ambition to become a net-zero city by 2050.”


Innovative schemes like these are so important in ensuring that the UK meets its climate targets. What innovative ideas could you think of to impact the future of energy? 


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