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Wind Prevention Maintenance Technician

As a Wind Prevention Maintenance Technician in the wind energy industry, your job is to help keep the turbines turning to ensure an efficient flow of energy is produced in a wind farm. You’ll carry out maintenance on the heavy machinery and parts that make up the windmill-like turbines and their generators as well as repairs.

Wind Prevention Maintenance Technicians might travel to more than one wind farm, depending on the company they work for and the work that needs to be done. You’ll need to have a head for heights, as you’ll often be working 90 – 100 metres in the air, and to be comfortable working in tight enclosed spaces as well as outside. You might be called in to carry out maintenance or make repairs outside of your normal working hours.

Whether you’re assembling a new turbine or aligning parts to put them back to work after making a repair, as a Wind Prevention Maintenance Technician, you’ll be creating a safe and efficient working environment for the production of clean, renewable energy.