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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Wind Energy Analyst

As a Wind Energy Analyst in the energy industry, you will study wind patterns to help predict how much power can be generated by wind farms. You might use computer modelling to predict the wind flow in an area that’s being considered for a new wind farm and analyse and interpret data on wind speed and direction to predict how much energy it could be used to produce.

Wind Energy Analysts might work for a specialist consultancy and prepare reports on expected energy output for clients including wind farm operators, people who invest in wind farms and other people involved in the project, like governments and planning committees. Lots of data analysis will be done in an office environment based on readings from remote sensors.

Whether you’re writing a report on how much energy a proposed wind farm could be expected to produce or reviewing weather data, as a Wind Energy Analyst, you’ll be increasing the efficiency and availability of a clean, renewable energy source.