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Virtual Reality Specialist

As a Virtual Reality Specialist in the energy industry, you could be at the forefront of using new technologies to develop simulated interactive environments where workers can practice how to respond to real life situations. You could help identify situations where a virtual environment might help people do things they can’t practice in the real world, like respond to an accident in a nuclear power plant.

You’ll decide on the best type of simulation to create, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, holodecks or other virtual environments, then design, create and test that environment before making it available for people to use.

Virtual Reality Specialist is a relatively new job, and there’s no telling how far the future applications might spread in the energy industry. Right now most Virtual Reality Specialists are involved in developing training programmes where energy workers can learn and practice in safe environments, and spend most of their time working with sophisticated computer programmes in office environments. 

Whether you’re helping people practice how to respond to an emergency or giving a demo of a new environment you’ve created, as a Virtual Reality Specialist, you’ll be helping people carry out important tasks that might never have been possible before.