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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Offshore Drilling Operator

As an Offshore Drilling Operator (also known as a Derrickhand) in the energy industry, you could be responsible for operating and controlling the drills used to extract oil and gas from under the ground or under the seabed. Working from a platform at the top of the drilling framework (known as the derrick), you’ll carefully guide drilling equipment into place, and will also monitor and adjust important factors like the chemical mix and density of the mud you’re drilling through.

Offshore Drilling Operators might work at onshore oil and gas production facilities, or offshore, spending two to three weeks at sea and then having two to three weeks off back at home. Wherever you’re based, it’s likely you’ll work in shifts which might mean early starts or late finishes, and you’ll need to have a head for heights, as you’ll often be working 20-25 metres in the air! Most Offshore Drilling Operators work for specialist drilling or well service contractors who provide services to oil and gas producers. 

Whether you’re analysing the effects of drilling operations or performing maintenance on the drilling equipment, as an Offshore Drilling Operator, you’ll be helping to access vital oil and gas supplies in new and existing fields.