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Nuclear Process Operator

As a Nuclear Process Operator in the energy industry, you’ll have a hands-on role in the day-to-day running of a nuclear power plant. You could be monitoring conditions from the control room, taking samples of the nuclear material or transferring materials from one stage of the energy production process to another. For safety, most of your activities will be detailed in clear procedures and processes that you will have to follow.  

Nuclear Process Operators will spend some time in the control room but will also be doing hands-on tasks in the production facility itself. There will be times when you need to wear full protective clothing, including breathing equipment, to protect yourself, and you might be working at height or in cramped spaces. You might occasionally have to take part in fast responses to emergency situations.

Whether you’re carefully cleaning equipment so that it can be decommissioned and removed from use or keeping records of regular safety checks, as a Nuclear Process Operator, you’ll have a hands-on role in carbon-free energy production.