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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Nuclear Physicist

As a Nuclear Physicist in the energy industry, you’ll help improve the safety and efficiency of nuclear power. You might study nuclear materials like atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons to learn more about how we can use them to generate electricity, or test how new technologies can make nuclear power safer and more efficient.  

Nuclear Physicists often work for research organisations, universities and specialist nuclear operators and tend to be based in laboratories. These tend to be very secure environments due to the need to ensure nuclear waste and nuclear technology don’t get into the wrong hands. Depending on where you’re working and what you’re doing, you might have to wear protective clothing or take other precautions to protect you from nuclear radiation.

Whether you’re designing a new nuclear reactor or planning how to better dispose of nuclear waste, as a Nuclear Physicist, you’ll be making nuclear energy work for the world.