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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Geoscience Data Analyst

As a Geoscience Data Analyst in the energy industry, you could help interpret and share information on our natural environment to make sure we can produce enough energy to meet our needs. You might consult existing data sources or classify and study new information, use specialist analytics software or teach others in the industry about what you’ve learned.

Geoscience Data Analysts are usually office based and will work closely with other scientists to gather and analyse information, and with the commercial team to discover the potential energy that could be produced. You might work directly for an energy producer or for a specialist geoscience consultancy firm. 

Whether you’re giving a presentation on potential new oil and gas reserves or helping a team of geophysicists understand new information about the landscape, as a Geoscience Data Analyst, you’ll be making sure the energy industry has a better understanding of the environments it’s working in.