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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Drilling Engineer

As a Drilling Engineer in the energy industry, you could be in charge of managing the whole process of drilling for oil and gas, from planning how the drilling well should be designed to overseeing the well being taken out of use once it’s no longer needed.

You’ll work with other engineers and scientists to identify how deep the well should be and how you should construct it. You’ll work with your commercial team to plan how much oil and gas you’ll extract from each well to meet demand, and you’ll make decisions and provide technical drilling advice to your organisation based on your analysis of the data you collect. 

Drilling Engineers can be based at onshore and offshore production facilities, and might work for an oil and gas producer, a specialist drilling contractor or a service company who provides drilling support.

Whether you’re testing a new well design or planning how to deploy your team to meet your production targets, as a Drilling Engineer, you’ll be helping to maintain a safe and reliable flow of energy.