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Is this the right role for you?

Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…


As a Diver in the energy industry, you could be the link between the engineering teams on the surface and the equipment and machinery underwater. You could be carrying out subsea inspections, performing vital maintenance or installing and removing structures and equipment on offshore rigs and platforms. You’ll also help to maintain strict safety standards and abide by diving regulations.  

Divers work offshore, usually for oil and gas producers or the specialist contractors, service companies or consultancies who provide them with diving services. Depending on the length and depth of your dives, you might have to spend some time in pressure chambers to help your body adjust to the differences between being on the surface and being underwater.

Whether you’re making repairs to a pipeline with underwater welding equipment or inspecting the condition of an oil platform, as a Diver, you’ll be helping to maintain a safe and effective flow of our energy supplies.