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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Decommissioning Engineer

As a Decommissioning Engineer in the energy industry, you’ll be in charge of safely dismantling oil and gas production facilities as they are taken out of use. As our energy production shifts away from oil and gas, older facilities will be shut down, and you could be the one to come up with new ways to remove the infrastructure once it’s no longer needed, from single pipelines to entire facilities.

Decommissioning Engineers are office based but will make regular trips to the sites they’re decommissioning, which might be located onshore or offshore. You might work in a dedicated decommissioning project team within a company who owns a production facility, or for a specialist contractor or consultancy who helps with specific projects.

Whether you’re refining the risk assessments and budget projections in your decommissioning plan or supervising work onsite, as a Decommissioning Engineer, you’ll be helping to manage the environmental legacy of fossil fuel production as the energy industry transitions to a cleaner future.