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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Clean Technology Analyst

As a Clean Technology Analyst in the energy industry, you’ll help move energy production towards a more sustainable future. Clean technology is a movement that aims to use new technologies, new ideas and new ways of working to get rid of waste from energy production and make the whole process as sustainable as possible. You might help design carbon capture and storage systems, or work on a research project into a new technology.

Clean technology is an emerging area, so there’s no limit to what your role could become! It’s likely you would work in an office environment for at least some of the time, and you might also make site visits or carry out research trips.

Whether you’re introducing a new technology or examining the energy production process to find ways to make it more sustainable, as a Clean Technology Analyst, you’ll be helping the world find the clean energy we need to power our future.