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Carbon Reduction Manager

As a Carbon Reduction Manager in the energy industry, you’ll be coming up with ways to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere as a result of energy production, ultimately helping the industry to achieve Net zero/net carbon zero This is the goal of making sure the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere is equal to or less than the amount than is being removed from the atmosphere. This will reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere over time. By making sure we’re taking carbon out of our atmosphere, or preventing it from being released into the atmosphere in the first place, we can stop it from contributing to climate change. to safeguard the environment.

You could design long-term strategies to reduce carbon emissions in your organisation, find ways to improve current operations and lead projects to help make changes. You’ll help your teammates understand how carbon reduction applies to their job and stay up to date with the latest policies and regulations to make sure your targets stay on track.

Carbon Reduction Managers are quite new to the energy industry, so it’s an exciting time to get involved and help design what this job will look like! We expect that you could be working for an energy producer or specialist consultancy, and that you might be based in an office and making regular visits to both onshore and offshore production facilities. 

Whether you’re finding new ways to use existing technology to reduce emissions or designing innovative campaigns to help spread the word, as a Carbon Reduction Manager, you’ll be helping the energy industry fight back against Climate change Climate change is the term we use for the changes to our long-term weather patterns that have been caused by global warming. Too much carbon in our atmosphere has meant that planet earth is getting hotter, and that disruption is causing rising sea levels, changes to animals’ habitats and more serious weather events like hurricanes and heavy rains. To protect the planet for future generations, we have to fight climate change and reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. .