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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Carbon Capture and Storage Expert

As a Carbon Capture and Storage Expert in the energy industry, you’ll find ways for energy to be produced without releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, where it could contribute to climate change. You’ll find ways to trap the carbon dioxide that’s created in the energy production process, to transport it to a safe site, and to deposit it somewhere where it can’t enter or damage our atmosphere, usually underground.  

Carbon capture and storage is a relatively new technology, so your role is still taking shape! It’s likely you would work in an office environment and make regular trips to energy production facilities and carbon storage sites to oversee operations.

Whether you’re working with engineers to specify what equipment you’ll need or creating a project plan to capture the carbon from a new energy production facility, as a Carbon Capture and Storage Expert, you’ll be helping to keep carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere and fighting back against climate change.