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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

3D Printing Technician

As a 3D Printing Technician in the energy industry, you could use new manufacturing technology to create complex parts and structures in hours that would have previously taken days or even weeks to produce.

Instead of printing ink onto paper like a normal printer, 3D printers deposit thin layers of materials like plastic on top of each other in whatever shape you design. These layers build up into fully formed objects that fit your specifications exactly, which in the case of the energy industry might be replacement drill bits, machine components or prototypes for new subsea structures. 

3D Printing Technicians tend to be based in workshops, and you might find that you need ear protection or other safety equipment to protect you from potential hazards. As 3D printing becomes more common in the energy industry, you may find yourself based at production facilities, including offshore facilities, so that you can quickly supply spare parts.

Whether you’re programming your design into the 3D printer or applying polishes or finishes to your creation, as a 3D Printing Technician, you’ll be helping to increase quality and decrease costs in the energy industry.