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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

ROV Pilot

As an ROV Pilot in the energy industry, you could explore and do important jobs in underwater environments using submersible robots and cameras. As the controller of a ‘Remotely Operated Vehicle’, or ROV, you might be inspecting subsea cables, digging trenches for new equipment to be laid in, picking up items that need to be moved on the sea floor, or taking video of the underwater environment.

ROV Pilots usually stay on the surface while using ROVs to examine ships, installations like oil platforms and rigs and the sea floor itself. You may be based on an offshore installation or work remotely from an onshore base.

Whether you’re examining an important piece of equipment on the sea floor or testing how a new sensor will work in an underwater environment, as an ROV pilot, you’ll be helping the energy industry to get a close-up view of their operations in parts of the world that very few people will ever get to see.