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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Nuclear Engineer

As a Nuclear Engineer in the energy industry, you could help nuclear power plants produce large quantities of energy without adding any carbon emissions to the atmosphere. You might design and build new plants and equipment, manage the complex process of starting up and shutting down nuclear energy production, check for radiation levels, carry out repairs or find safe ways to dispose of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Engineers might work in the laboratories, offices or control rooms of nuclear power plants. These tend to be very secure environments due to the need to ensure nuclear waste and nuclear technology don’t get into the wrong hands. Depending on where you’re working and what you’re doing, you might have to wear protective clothing or take other precautions to protect you from nuclear radiation.

Whether you’re supervising the nuclear reactions that generate the power or monitoring radiation levels to keep the plant and everyone in it safe, as a Nuclear Engineer, you’ll be helping to generate carbon-free power to fuel our world.