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Sourcing the energy mix of the future is going to need…

Helicopter Pilot

As a Helicopter Pilot in the energy industry, you would be responsible for safely transporting people to and from offshore production facilities. You would prepare and file flight plans based on the expected weather conditions on your route, calculate the fuel you need for the load you plan to carry and make sure the helicopter is in a safe and comfortable condition to fly.

Helicopter Pilots must abide by safety rules on maximum flying hours, so your flight schedule might involve spending a night away from home to make sure you have a chance to rest between flights. Depending on the routes you’re flying, your hours might include evenings, nights and weekends. Helicopter pilots usually work for specialist helicopter operating companies who provide services to the energy industry, and often work in a team as a captain and co-pilot on larger helicopters.  

Whether you’re ensuring your maintenance logs are up to date or adjusting your flight plan to take account of a developing weather situation, as a Helicopter Pilot, you’ll be responsible for transporting people to where they need to be and safely bringing them home.